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Sikh National College Qadian

Sikh National College, one of the oldest and historical educational institutions of the region was established in June 1938 at Lahore, with Niranjan Singh as its founder principal. It was the dream of the people of the time to build an idealistic institute committed to National ideals that would mould the character of students into non-communal brotherhood. For the purpose, Principal Niranjan Singh had the backing as well as co-operation of Baba Bhola Singh, Master kehar Singh, Giani Kartar Singh, Master Tara Singh and Bawa Harkishan Singh Ji.
Dear readers, Sat Shri Akaal. I cordially welcome to new and old students in the college. I feel elated and honored that I am going to serve in this prestigious and historical institute of the era. I fully understand that now it is my first responsibility to help the students and to give them the atmosphere, so that they can develop their personality. My dear students, I assure you that you are precious to us because I believe that you are going to play an important role in the progress of the society. Those, who have decided to take admission in this college, are certainly going to improve the world with their efforts. All of you are again assured that we shall definitely take care of the educational atmosphere, recreational activities and the artistic competitions, so that all round development may take its shape in your personality. May God bless you all!

It was a big challenge for me to serve particularly in this college. because the management, teachers and students of this institute had made it so popular during 1938 - 70, that it was difficult to face the question of reestablishment. However, in recent years, the college has taken quick strides towards excellence in academics, sports and co - curricular activities. These days, the college is regularly becoming the institute of people's choice and gradually emerging as the nation's pride, through its education based on the Sikh Principles.

Dear Students, the future is in your hands now and kindly concentrate on your over all development to achieve the set goals. I am of the fact that education is becoming costlier day by day. Thirty scholarship of Rs. 10,000/- each by ASP and NESSC from America for BCA, students are annually awarded to lessen the burden. Beside this, every year, the college provides help of worth Rs. 1,25,000/- to the poor, needy and intelligent students. So, you should avail the opportunities to make the future prosperous.

Dr. Kulwant Singh Randhawa


    2008 @ Sikh National College Qadian